Food policies and pistols

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Photo: WFP/Damilola Onafuwa. Women practicing social distancing as they get their food vouchers verified at the National Home Grown School Feeding Programme at Adekunle Anglican Primary School, Makoko, Lagos, Nigeria.

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The British PM announced yesterday that 16.5 billion pounds will be spent over the next 4years for clever guns… at the same time there’s no money for free school meals in UK!

Also, some 11m people worldwide go to bed on empty stomachs according to UN.

It looks like food policies are put under the military carpet

I find this a disgusting policy!

In the same time…thousands of people are dying of covid-19 in the countries that manufacture these “clever” pistols…

In UK, US, France and Germany…

I think that we have to correct our priorities in the “civilised” West.

Diet, lifestyle and covid-19 should be our priorities in an attempt to improve the life of the Citizens.

Wars and military spending should not be at the top of the political agenda but at the very bottom of it.

As a Father and a Teacher, I find this military spending  contradictory to the values of our Society…

Unless, we want to continue building foreign policies not on the welfare of our societies but on triggering frictions, wars and famine…like in Syria, Lebanon and many countries in Africa._