Lipids derived from red wine, beers, and their dealcoholized variants

Apr 15, 2024 / Blog

Lipids in wine and beer Our group has been studying the bioactivities of lipids present in beer and wine against platelet aggregation for more than 20 years. This stream of research was spearheaded by Emeritus Professor Constantinos A Demopoulos. Under his inspirational mentoring, our group grew over the years and now we are Academics in … Continued

“All Greek to You” – Πρόσκληση σε Έλληνες παραγωγούς για εξαγωγές στην Ιρλανδία

Dec 20, 2023 / Blog

Why are we ready now to import organic Greek foods to Ireland? What makes this venture timely?

Omega-3 fatty acids do NOT lower Cardiovascular risk : this is why

Nov 22, 2023 / Blog

Here, we present all evidence on omega-3 fatty acids and polar lipids on their bioactivities against Cardiovascular Diseases (CVD).