the value of a balanced diet against Covid-19

Nov 21, 2021 / Blog

Covid-19 is coming back and the number of cases in many countries around the world are going through the roof. Today, we need to remember that COVID-19 is related to inflammation and chronic diseases. The virus causes acute inflammation and chronic inflammation is linked to chronic (or non-communicable) diseases (NCDs). Our group has been working actively on this link and we have published a number of papers.

Dairy lipids (fat): to eat or not to eat?

Sep 30, 2021 / Blog

Why does dairy fat is good for our health? Do we really need to bother about the fat content of dairy foods? In fact, no! Dairy lipids have strong cardio-protective activities.

The anti-inflammatory properties of apples, cider and apple by-products

Aug 31, 2021 / Blog

Apple industry produces a number of products (e.g. apples, cider etc) with strong anti-inflammatory properties. The evaluation of these activities against inflammation and chronic diseases is the focus of our group.