The research focus of my group is mainly in two areas

  • food safety / emerging hazards in water and food and how they are linked to inflammation¬†
  • polar lipids, supplements, novel functional foods against CVDs and food security.¬†

On the 1st area, the interest is to study the effect of anthropogenic pollution on food chain and how these pollutants (focusing to Cr and Ni) can be uptaken by food tubers. We are now investigating the role of these heavy metals in (promoting) inflammation and thus their link to the onset of a plethora of inflammation-trigerred diseases.

On the 2nd area, we are focusing on increasing food security by decreasing our dependency on fish oil and also in producing novel functional foods with improved cardioprotective properties. 

We study different ways on how to exploit olive pomace to enrich fish feeds and produce in a sustainable way novel fishfeeds and fish with improved cardioprotective properties.

We also work towards the development of novel health supplements and food (based on polar lipids of food origin) with strong bioactivities against platelet aggregation.

We are also active in the area of isolating compounds that inhibit the onset of CardioVascular Diseases (CVDs) from olives, olive pomace, fish, egg and cheese.

Our industrial collaborations (with marine and dairy companies) are aiming in producing Novel Functional Foods against CVDs according to the legislation (EC 1924/2006) requirements.

Our peer-reviewed publications are here.