Cybermetrics 2021 and University Rankings

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Cybermetrics 2021 and Rankings

First edition of 2021: Web data collected during January 2021 (the 18th year!)

The January edition (2021.1.0) is built with the indicators obtained during this month in order to maintain the freshness of the data of the most current and updated Ranking of Universities.

This text is the most updated info about the ranking’s methodology. It always supersedes the contents provided in the general Methodology. It is also relevant the info provided in the Notes section.



The value of metrics and rankings in relation to age and size of the University

If we look at the criteria used for cybermetrics, we can see that the age and the size plays an important role in getting established in publishing high quality papers.

It’s always useful to compare Universities of similar size and age.

In the featured image of this post, we can see the relative performances of Univ. of Stirling in Scotland (539th) and Univ. of Limerick in Ireland (552nd). They are similar in size and age.

In other words, the 552nd ranking of UL is exceptionally good!


Rankings and criteria

In every ranking, the first thing we need to address are the ranking criteria, i.e. publications, student numbers/member of staff, employability etc.

UL is ranked 1st in Ireland for employability of his graduates. The average in Ireland is around 65% and UL scores more than 70% according to the latest data.

Taking into account the good ratio of staff to students, around 1700 staff to 17.000 students and the relatively small classes (ratio of teaching staff to number of students per course), UL is scoring very well in many metrics.

Congratulations are due to all my colleagues in the Department of Biological Sciences

and the School of Natural Sciences in UL.