Invitation for Volunteers for a dietary intervention study

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Dear Participants,

The research team of Dr. Zabetakis, Department of Biological Sciences, University of Limerick is recruiting volunteers for a nutrient-based approach to prevent cardiovascular disease such as atherosclerosis.  Research shows that ovine milk products (especially yogurt) have potent cardioprotective effects. The purpose of this project is to develop a novel yoghurt drink from full fat ovine milk and to further test it for its beneficial anti-thrombotic and cardio-protective effects. In order this to be achieved, several participants will take part in this project. This project is funded by Enterprise Ireland and ethically approved by Research Ethics Committee, UL.

The project is anticipated to start early May 2022, and participants will be informed of the exact date in due course. If you choose to take part in this research project, you will undergo an interview and free physical and medical examination. The inclusion criteria require you to be free from high blood pressure, thrombolytic agents. Exclusion criteria are lactose intolerance and being on medications like blood thinners and statins.

If all inclusion criteria are met, four appointments will be made for you with our research team for blood withdrawal and trial instructions. At your 1st appointment you will have to come to the Physical Education and Sport Sciences (PESS) department of the University of Limerick (UL), where you will provide fasting blood samples and then you will be provided yoghurt drinks [either the novel drink (from full fat ovine milk) or a placebo (from skimmed ovine milk)]. In addition, you will also be provided specific guidelines on how and when you should consume the yoghurt drink per day over four weeks (Phase-1: 28 days). After this period, you will have to come for your 2nd appointment at PESS-UL and provide a 2nd blood sample. After another 14 days, you will have to come for your 3rd appointment at PESS-UL and the same procedure will be followed for another 4 weeks (Phase-2). At the end of the study, you will have to come for your 4th appointment at PESS-UL and provide a 4th blood sample. In order to assess the antithrombotic and cardioprotective properties of this novel yoghurt drink, your blood samples will be tested for several biomarkers related to cardiovascular risk.

Your participation is entirely voluntary, and you have the right to withdraw at any time of the programme.

If you have further questions regarding this research, please feel free to get in touch with either myself or my colleagues using the email addresses listed below.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Best wishes,



Dr Harishkumar Rajendran

Research Assistant

Department of Biological Sciences,

University of Limerick.

Sakshi Hans

PhD Student

Department of Biological Sciences

University of Limerick

Limerick, Ireland