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Sacred Cow: the film

Last night, I watched Sacred Cow, and I loved it.

It’s a documentary with the right balance of Science, Facts and Emotion.

Emotion did I say? Of course, you need to love the food you eat.

Millions of people breed animals, sheeps, goats, cows etc and they do it not only for the money but also because the love it. The Sacred Cow is showing some of these people, people who have dedicated their lives to breed animals.

Animals that are going to be killed one day, only because we are going to enjoy their meat.

Sustainability and the Sacred Cow

The film also addresses the issues of water and soil health. How letting wild plants growing in farms help the soil to be healthy and being able to maintain higher amounts of water. Around the 43rd minute of the film there is an excellent experiment on watering different types of soil. The most healthy soil is the one from a farm where animals live. NOT the one where plants are grown on single plant species plantations!


Animal diet and the Full Fat Debate

And now to the most interesting debate around the Sacred Cow project.

Do we need to eat meat? Are humans vegans by default? Of course not!

Humans are omnivores. If you don’t believe me, look at the shape of your teeth!

Your front ones are sharp in order to cut meat, the back ones are big and flat for chewing the plants.

Now, look at the teeth of a cow and a sheep as opposed to a dog.

Then you can easily understand that us, humans, we are made to eat both plants and meat.

What about the meat diet though? Well, again we need to have a look at the history. Over the centuries, humans developed their civilisations by growing plants and breeding animals. It’s the balance between plants and meats that made the human species the most successful species on our Planet.

Turning people to vegans, there is a loss: their diet suffers from lack of essential amino acids and lipid-soluble vitamins (A, D, E and K).

This is the reason that we need to stop the nonsense of “light” (reduced fat) foods and focus to the high nutritional value of full fat meat, dairy, fish. The animal fats (lipids) are healthy. Nations who eat red meat and full fat foods have lower levels of obesity and CVD (CardioVascular Diseases) and other NCD (Non-Communicable Diseases) to nations (e.g. US) who eat “light” processed foods.

After all, we need to admit that the “Western Diet” is not a good diet to follow. The proof? Simply, the high numbers (in the millions) of people being obese/overweight, dying from cancer and CVD and diabetes Type II.


The full fat diet and the Sacred Cow

There is a very close relationship between the film and our diets. The film is a game changer and authorities all over the world need to find ways to broadcast it in primary and secondary schools. The younger the people who can watch this film, the better for their prosperity.


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