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The HIQA report on the respiratory mortality in the HSE Mid-West region

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One also might wonder why HIQA chose to publish this report during the EPA’s oral hearing!

The timing is strange, to say the least, if not suspicious!

In conclusion, the validity of the report is limited, it has nothing to do with the current situation and it should be just ignored!

It is rather peculiar for a broadsheet and respectful newspaper (The Irish Times) to publish an article based on a out dated report with low scientific and social value!

O tempora, o Mores!

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Dr Ioannis Zabetakis of the University of Limerick’s health research institute feels Irish Cement has not properly evaluated the hazards and calculated the risk.

He said: “These are questions not just to Irish Cement, but also the EPA. How will you monitor these hazards in an independent way and create data which speaks for itself. We don’t need to look at literature to find out if incineration or co-incineration is safe or not. We need to do a trial run in the kiln at Irish Cement itself. We need to put proper monitors at the top of each chimney.”

Incinerators emissions and the Public Health

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To conclude, there is a number of toxic emissions from incinerators.

Heavy metals are water soluble and they can cross-contaminate the water and the sea and hence milk and marine organisms.

Dioxins are fat soluble and they can cross-contaminate all fat containing foods, namely milk and dairy products.

Having Irish Cement Factory burning toxic/hazardous waste creates a number of food chain problems.