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The effects of cooking salmon sous-vide on its antithrombotic properties, lipid profile and sensory characteristics

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Let me introduce this paper to you: it’s a collaboration between UL, LIT, SIT and St. Angela’s Food Technology Centre in Sligo. 

The first author of the paper is an (ex-)MSc student of mine; with Shane who is a chef, we had decided to study the sous-vide cooking methods and its impact on sensory and nutritional value of salmon.

I met Maria Dermiki when she worked for a short period in UL before moving to SIT but we kept communication alive and Maria introduced me to Shelley. With Maria and Shelley, we did this amazing work on sensory properties in Sligo’s St Angela’s Food Technology Centre.

Katie and Sushanta are our longstanding collaborators in LIT and Ronan has now finished his PhD with me and he is post-docing now at UPenn.