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Toxicity of Particulate Matter (PM)

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Researchers at the Paul Scherrer Institute PSI have for the first time observed photochemical processes inside the smallest particles in the air. In doing so, they discovered that additional oxygen radicals that can be harmful to human health are formed in these aerosols under everyday conditions. They report on their results today in the journal Nature Communications.

Why is there only one Irish cheese with protected status?

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In today’s business environment where food exports to EU are so straightforward, the fact that Ireland has only one PDO cheese looks like we are shooting ourselves in the foot. Irish farmers produce unique cheeses with superb sensory properties that can easily compete on an European and international level, but PDO status is a must. The State needs to simplify the process and create dedicated teams of scientists to collaborate with farmers in order to boost PDO applications.

Ο Ρόλος της Διατροφής στην Αντιμετώπιση Ιικών Ασθενειών

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Σκοπός του Προγράμματος είναι να αναλυθεί και να εξεταστεί ο ρόλος των αντιφλεγμονωδών τροφίμων, της ισορροπημένης διατροφής, όπως είναι η Μεσογειακή, και της άσκησης στην καταπολέμηση της χρόνιας φλεγμονής, προκειμένου να αυξηθεί η προστασία έναντι των νέων ιών, όπως ο ιός Covid-19 και ο ιός της γρίπης. Το πρόγραμμα επίσης αποσκοπεί στην εξοικείωση των εκπαιδευομένων με το σχεδιασμό νέων λειτουργικών τροφίμων κατά της φλεγμονής και των νέων ιών.

Antithrombotic and antiplatelet activity of an organometallic rhodium(I) complex incorporating a substituted thieno‐[2,3‐d]‐pyrimidine ligand: Synthesis, structural characterization, and molecular docking calculations

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The synthesis and spectroscopic characterization of the rhodium(I) complex 1 incorporating a substituted thienopyrimidine ligand (tpc) was reported. The solid‐state structures of tpc and 1 were determined, for the first time, by single‐crystal X‐ray diffraction. The biological evaluation of the new compounds (tpc and 1) towards the PAF‐induced aggregation in both WRPs and human platelets (hPRPs) showed that complex 1 proved to be a very potent antiplatelet and antithrombotic agent, showing better efficiency than that of the free ligand.

Organic farming and Ireland

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If the food we eat is free of chemicals, then this means that we are going to start consuming less chemical and in the long run we are going to produce better and more nutritious food. The levels of cancer morbidity are going to reduce.

There are also close links between chemical fertilisers and the value of organic food.